Luxurious Seaside Villa In Greece

Beach House in Volos-Pelion, for sale
Your second home in the Mediterranean

Property Assessment

As part of an extra high-specification project, aiming to a high quality of life standard, this seaside residential development has resulted to a neighbourhood of wealthy and discrete people.

The position of the almost 200 sq.m. plot is deemed ideal for holiday accommodation or even permanent home in Greece. The property is located within the approved land-use plan of the village Koropi, in the Municipality of South Pelion, Magnesia, Thessaly. It is in front of one of the smooth beaches of the Pagasitikos Gulf and it is serviced by a municipal road at a distance of 800 metres away from the principal state roads network of the Pelion district.

At every stage, the development has incorporated all those elements that make it an attractive and flexible investment.

The high-quality residential construction, both in terms of the plans and their implementation, incorporates only best quality building materials put into place by experienced and qualified technicians.

This coastal house is excellent in all respects, combining aesthetic harmony with quality and functionality