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The area


Koropi, Pelion

The beautiful stretch of the Pagasetic coastline between Kala Nera and Afissos, in the south of Milies, the artist’s and intellectual’s beloved village, make up the area locally known as Bufa.

In this peninsula of East-central Greece with its beautiful mountains set between the two seas of the Mediterranean, the Aegean and the Pagasetic of both wild and calm aspects, the weather is always mild.

The region of Pelion is known through Greek mythology as the place where marriages and ceremonies of famous ancient heroes and gods of Olympus took place. It is also home of the Centaurs (teachers of physical health and strength) and of the Argonauts (legendary explorers of the seas).

Pelion belongs to the network of protected areas of NATURA 2000. This guarantees that all projects, current and future, will respect the quality and aesthetics of the natural environment.

Apollo's Oracle

Prehistoric Ages: During the Bronze Age the oracle was strongly connected to the exploitation of valuable mineral resources.
Historic Ages (Apollo's oracle hayday – 240 B.C.): Sick and persecuted people visited the oracle to get consolation from God.

This highly spiritual seaside area famous from Jason and the Argonauts, since they stopped by the Apollo Oracle for advice before their pioneering voyage across the Black Sea, is full of secluded beaches that seem to glitter under the endless Greek sun.


Koropi: two super markets, bakery, butcher's shop, restaurants-tavernas, coffee shops and beach-bars.
Kala Nera (next village – 3 km): bank’s ATM, pharmacy, medical centre, clothing, jewellery, food, entertainment, boats/bicycles/motorbikes/cars for rent, cruises.
Only 20 kilometres from the modern city of Volos (banks, hospital, university, public services), the capital of Magnesia, with easy links to all major European hubs via the N.Anchialos Airport (VOL), rail connection to Larissa and the main Greek (OSE) and European networks, the village is connected to the other villages of Pelion, to the city and from there to other main Greek cities via bus (KTEL) almost every hour.

It is an ideal place for many activities, such as touring, hiking, walking, horse-riding, mountain biking, skiing, swimming, fishing and sailing, and even participating in traditional open-air festivals and religious holidays every summer.

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